Sunday, December 12, 2010

Testing, Testing 1, 2 , , 1,2

No, not microphone test, LT test. Did a 20 minute LT test to set heart rates and training zones on Saturday. Was a bit lower that I thought it should be, but I got a lot farther in 20 minutes than I expected, so I think that was a good thing. I rode farther in this off season test than in my 20 minute intervals last season, so I think I am heading in the right direction.

MASS races are posted, 2011 goals are set and the training plan is mapped out. Trying some new things for 2011 and hopefully I hit upon something good. In 2010, racing started out good, but fizzled out by early sunner. I am currently being tempted by two bike racing related things: Snotcycle is open for business and taking accepting restrigations daily, so I think I am headed there. The other is reading about all this cyclocross racing has put me in a place where I think I will try and race one of these late season, less than serious races (or more likely, take the cross bike out once a week for some specific workout I can do on a cross bike).

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