Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gearing up

Prep for the 2010 race season has been going well. The snow has had an effect on everyone's training and has changed the way I have prepared from what I have previously done. I think that is a good thing. The changes in climate have allowed me to do some weight training and focus on specific types of training, training that should allow me to meet my goals this season. Junk miles are not really an effective way to train, but accumulating junk miles on a trainer are really a sad thing.

On the team front, things are going well. We have a core group of racers on Henry's that have some serious goals. A soon to be released website of the team will allow an up close and personal view of the team and where we want to be standing this season. It is good to be back in the folds of the organization that helped form my role in the community. The team is a melting pot of riders from other local teams, some defunct, so I share common backgrounds with many of these folks.

Things on the home front are going very well too. My daughter will start school in the fall, my wife is ever supportive of this insane training and racing lifestyle, and my 40th birthday went by without too much hassle.

Now I look forward to the season ahead, riding on some nice dry singletrack, and racing my mountain bike in about five weeks from now. I am looking forward to that day and now I am going to go do some more preparation work for that day.