Friday, January 29, 2010

Changes for 2010

I am pleased to announce I will be riding for Henry's Bike Shop, located in Wilmington, DE. I previously rode for Henry's in the past, first as a member of FSVS, then again years later in 2007 and 2008 when I returned to racing after a small break. I made a decision to leave the team in 2009 and spent a year with the Allied Milk squad. Things were great with Allied Milk. A great group of guys, all strong riders and great guys. Dan Conrad is a great guy and had a lot of passion for the sport and for his team.

But returning to Henry's was the right thing for me to do. Rick, Andrew, and Vince have always treated me well, heck Vince and Andrew play with my daughter on Saturdays when we sneak off to the shop after gym class. Being on Henry's is like having a second family for me. Being supported by them, even though I was not riding in Henry's gear, always felt a little dirty to me. And the team is taking on a renewed focus towards the Mid Atlantic Super Series. Rick MiHills is poised to make a return to MTB racing and that is a great thing. At this time, I have somewhat of a leadership position with the team and I like that aspect of it, being one of the drivers of the bus.

We also have two new riders this year that moved over from No Cents Racing. Barry Jones and Robert Baldoni have been racing with me for a few years now and I looked forward to seeing them at the races. Oddly enough, our relationship started a few years back when Barry was calling me out for being a sandbagger, a compliment that still makes me blush to this day. I have grown close to him after this event and I am proud for him to be a teammate of mine. Robert is a terror on the bike and he too will make a fine addition. Hopefully we can pull a podium sweep sometime this year - - that would be sweet. At this point, it looks like we will field a small team in the MASS and a separate Endurance team as well.

It is never too late to go home again.

Snotcycle Fail

As I sit here coughing, producing snot!, and feeling pretty crappy, I wonder if racing sick in cold, cold conditions is such a wise move in January. I guess the answer to "Are you going" will be made tomorrow morning. Off to drink some OJ and Cold Ease.