Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland, or how the deep snow allows me to do what I need to do to get ready for 2010!

Our area got hit big time with snow! Depending upon who you ask, there is anywhere from 12 to 20 inches of the white fluffy stuff. Riding outside on the road may take a few days as temps will be cold for quite some time. Riding off road will be next to impossible, as the trails are very covered and again, the temps will be cold for quite some time. Last year, after a large snow, I rode the same trail over and over in Middle run, about a mile out and back. It allowed me to get some outdoor riding in while others were stuck on their trainers. The section included a climb, so it was a really good training effect and I used it for about a week until the snow started to melt. I pretty much kept it to myself, but it was better than being on the trainer. I am not so sure I am as motivated yet this season, but there is a nice trail network closeby (Redd park) and I could ski or hike there first to push the snow down, then ride the MTB. It is actually a better option than the trail in Middle Run as it is a loop option, about a mile in length - - perfect short track training loop actually. Any takers to help mash it down?

I have taken a different approach with my off-season training from last year. I did not do any running this year, while I ran last year for about six weeks. It provided a good aerobic base and helped keep the extra winter weight off. I was going to continue to not run, but based on our recent weather, I am going to go ahead and do some running for the next month or so. It may be the only chance for outside activity in the near future, although I did see Euro Camp Bound Jeff Bahnson out riding his MTB yesterday.

I also wanted to do a regimented weight lifting program for 2010 and failed there too with only periodic and non structured weight training a few times and not in a regular pattern! Luckily, there is still some time and once again, the weather outside has provided an excellent opportunity to do some weight work. Last night, in addition to other lifts, I did dumbbell squats to failure and my legs locked up big time on the last set, just like they do when I am off the back on a group ride and trying my best to get back to the pack, so I think doing some weight work will help me for the racing season. I worried about being able to get upstairs after the last set, but in time the legs loosened up.

I registered for my first race of 2010 over the weekend, the Snotcycle at the end of January. I went back and forth quite a bit trying to decide if I would race this again, but it was a lot of fun last year and I would be sorry if I did not do it. The course is a good match for my riding style and it is a lot of fun. Perhaps this year there will be no snow on the course and it will be even faster than it was in 2009. I do know I need to take a different approach with hydration, because my bottle was frozen after one lap last year and I was really thirsty! In addition, there is a crit training series scheduled for an area not that far from me and I am looking forward to taking part in a few of these events. I have done training crits in the past, but had to drive for 90 minutes to get to them (T-Town). No info posted yet other than “Wilmington Training Crit Series”, but I keep checking back.

So to sum up, slow rides in the snow once I get the trail cleared, running, weights, and the first race of the season is five weeks away! Time to get moving.

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