Monday, November 16, 2009

The Road to Glory starts now

Thinking a lot about 2010 and where I want to be in racing. There are still some final decisions to be made, and they all be challenging. Between fighting a cold and the constant rain all every day, riding outside has been a challenge.

Rode my first long ride yesterday in a long time, a 3.5 hour tour of Fair Hill starting and ending from home. Had great company for the ride, but it seems like we went up almost every hill in the place, minus the long down and up lead-in to Skip a trail. Good times.

I will begin to lay out a plan for next year, but the mext two months looks a lot like this: Long slow rides with a little intensity once per week!

Oh yeah, go check this out and drop a few coins in the bucket for ol' Jeb.

1 comment:

fatmarc said...

it was a great ride for sure.
I did skip the 3 field climb...