Sunday, September 5, 2010

Broken Stuff

I should post a pic of this, but my scandium hardtail is broken. Nice crack along a weld, I am sure it will be covered under warranty and the manufacturer has a new design from the one I am riding, but with this being frame #2 broken for me, I am not so sure about me on a scandium frame. The first one lasted almost two years and this one lasted 18 months, but it saw a lot of use in those 18 months and about 25 races. I have a really important race in two weeks, so I have to see what I can do for that race. More than likely, I will use it in the race but train on another bike. Highly doubtful I can get a replacement in two weeks. Sadly, Atomic blue is no more, so it will be white, orange (no freaking way as #1 was orange!), or raw.

On the same "broken" theme, I rode up on a local guy today with a broken leg. I should post a pic of this, but 1) I do not have one and 2) it was gross! He was on the phone with 911 when I rolled up and asked me to wait at the road for the rescue crew to get there. After waiting a bit, Meinrod (no stranger himself to a broken leg) came running up saying the ambulance crew called and they were waiting at the crosswalk where I was standing. Huh? Some quick riding later and I found they were not at the other cross walk either (Pleasant Valley Road and Creek road). Turns out they went to Carpenter State Park. Lucky for the rider, a ranger was alerted to the situation by another rider, came along and radioed to the emergency crew the scene of the event. The rider was wheeled out on a one wheel stretcher that the trail spinners had recently donated to the fire house. The lower leg was broken in half and it was flopping all over the place . . . ewwww. Glad to see his sense of humor all the way though, until they had to move him. The EMT asked that the rider not hit him because it was going to hurt!

Thanks Meinrod for helping out here too. It does not seem like too many people wanted to help out.